Welcome to SLogger

A simple tool to keep your logfiles under control
Romano Giannetti

NEW:!!! Version 0.6 released 26 Mar 2003

SLogger is a simple tool too keep your logfiles under control. Yes, another one. I checked a lot of wonderful software around, but everything was too much complex for me. So I wrote this one.



The basic idea is to maintain the old U*ix principle: a tool that do just one thing, usable togheter with others tool to give you high flexibility without the need of high complexity.

There is, and never will be (unfortunately, I have no much time on my hands) a lot of documentation. Installation and instructions are in the plain text file README.txt. If you want to have a look at a configuration file before downloading it, here is a simple one.

SLogger has been written on a Linux workstation and tested just there, but I think it should compile on almost every U*ix decently recent.

If you are interested, download it; the tarball contains a couple of executable for linux RedHat 7.3.

Best viewed with your monitor turned on.